Sunny Pamma

the start of a new chapter

A sophisticated rebrand & the Start of a new chapter


Tasked with creating a brand identity that was reflective of Sunny's qualities, but also to combat the notion of inexperience. Starting in real estate at a young age came with the added difficulty of potential clients thinking he might not know what he is doing. With 10 years in the game though, Sunny was far from inexperienced.

What I did
  • Branding


To mitigate this perception of inexperience, a more refined and sophisticated direction was taken for Sunny's brand identity. Using classical typefaces and a black and white colour palette would give Sunny's identity what it was missing before—elegance. This would also mark a new, prosperous chapter for Sunny's business.

Jordan has been THE protagonist over the past 8 years and helped us uncover significant revenue opportunities.
Graham Milner
EVP, Innovation & Business Development

With sophistication and polish, Sunny's rebrand curtails any doubts of experience and emboldens the exact opposite: a trusted, experienced realtor, who goes the extra mile for his clients—like the classy guy he is.

Key stats


  • Over 17k followers (growing 25%)
  • 3x monthly impressions (~90k to > 300k)
  • 3x average likes per post
  • 460% increase in comment


  • 3x posting frequency
  • 160% increase in favorites
  • 17x increase in RTs


  • 2x posting frequency (10 to 20x a month)
  • 4x post reach (~100k to 400k)
  • 3x post reactions (~1k to > 3k)


  • Tripled posting frequency
  • 40% increase in comments
  • 60% in total likes


  • Monthly Reporting