Nxthing Else

for the good

Nothing else but the goods, for the good


The challenge was to repurpose, rebrand, and reposition (basically just reinvent) the apparel company into a fashion-focused ecommerce store.

What I did
  • Naming

  • Strategy

  • Branding

  • Marketing


With an insatiable audience and an overcrowded market, one area that many ecommerce stores lacked was journalism. Stores that had journalism, (whether it was insider articles or exclusive interviews) stood out in a big way. They had more monthly visits, higher search rankings, and more engagement on social media. This would be the backbone of which the brand and marketing strategies would be centered around.

Jordan has been THE protagonist over the past 8 years and helped us uncover significant revenue opportunities.
Graham Milner
EVP, Innovation & Business Development

Nxthing Else melds the fashion and ecommerce worlds together with ravishingly unfiltered journalism. Bringing it's audience behind-the-scenes for an experience you have to see to believe.

Key stats


  • Over 17k followers (growing 25%)
  • 3x monthly impressions (~90k to > 300k)
  • 3x average likes per post
  • 460% increase in comment


  • 3x posting frequency
  • 160% increase in favorites
  • 17x increase in RTs


  • 2x posting frequency (10 to 20x a month)
  • 4x post reach (~100k to 400k)
  • 3x post reactions (~1k to > 3k)


  • Tripled posting frequency
  • 40% increase in comments
  • 60% in total likes


  • Monthly Reporting