Gary Dehlon

simplifying real estate

uniquely simple


The challenge was to create an identity centered around the idea of making real estate simple. It also had to be intune with Gary's personality, and be bold enough to stand out in a crowd.

What I did
  • Branding


By defining what the brand is about, we were able to distill brand attributes that would guide Gary's messaging and the creative process. The elements created were by design, simple by nature, but when combined, created a unique reflection of the brand's message and mission.

Jordan has been THE protagonist over the past 8 years and helped us uncover significant revenue opportunities.
Graham Milner
EVP, Innovation & Business Development

Gary's mission of "Simplifying Real Estate" was the bedrock to which the identity was built upon. Designed to be warm, modern, yet juicy enough to stand out and speak simply to its audience.

Key stats


  • Over 17k followers (growing 25%)
  • 3x monthly impressions (~90k to > 300k)
  • 3x average likes per post
  • 460% increase in comment


  • 3x posting frequency
  • 160% increase in favorites
  • 17x increase in RTs


  • 2x posting frequency (10 to 20x a month)
  • 4x post reach (~100k to 400k)
  • 3x post reactions (~1k to > 3k)


  • Tripled posting frequency
  • 40% increase in comments
  • 60% in total likes


  • Monthly Reporting